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Hey guys.

I’m Wendy’s assistant. It’s super fun. I really like it when she bosses me around.

No but really, who wouldn’t love working for their wife?…haha.

Since Wendy has been into photography since, well, since I’ve known her, I’ve been along for the ride.

I’m constantly learning from her. Wendy says I’m actually getting good, so that’s a bonus.

We have a great time together, & I’m loving the journey. When I’m not at my other day job, you’ll find me working closely with Wendy at all of our big events,

and occasionally other sessions. Where Wendy really feels a passion for still photography, I’m reeeeally interested in the videography side of things.

You’ll probably find me sneaking video of you at your own event, if you pay close attention.

Other than that, I’m just a normal dude.

I like to off-road, shoot guns, and beat people up.

::insert manly growl here::